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Use your data as a competitive advantage by connecting Grexen Mobile and your existing BI, POS, or CRM solution.

Data Shepherd has a comprehensive set of connectors that allow you to batch exchange data between your various datasources. We meet your unique information management needs by aggregating and indexing any form of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, bringing it all into one platform then allowing you to easily manage and analyze the results of your campaigns.

Why ETL?

Use ETL to move data between business systems because the systems that use the data aren’t always the systems that produce it. Use business rules to transform, clean, and de duplicate records from various sources and produce clean input for your key systems.

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Synchronize metadata across data platforms

Share, synchronize and manage metadata across your enterprise data environment using metadata bridge. Existing integration investments can be replicated saving up to 50% of the time and effort for conversion.

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Designed for automated and batch processes

Data Shepherd is designed to move data to synchronize processes that have regular intervals. Aggregate data from various sources into a uniCied structure for reporting, business intelligence and to simplify complex processes that often require input from different systems.

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Reporting and insight

Easily access, view, or integrate data using our advanced API’s and data extraction tools. It’s YOUR data and you should have complete control over who can see it and how it is used.

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Messaging and alarms

Stop worrying that last nights batch ran correctly with notifications at stages throughout the process.

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