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Extend your Grexen Mobile solution with iBeacon based in-store targeted messaging and campaigns

With the power of iBeacon technology, marketers can now access a much more precise layer of location intelligence. By understanding a shopper’s specific location within a store, whether it’s at the entrance or in front of a particular display area, brands can deliver much more meaningful messages and content. That’s because proximity-based marketing uses actual shopper behavior to reveal a consumer’s true INTENT. Now you really can deliver the right message at the right place and time.

Contextual Experience

Consumer smartphones are inherently personal devices and marketers must be vigilant in delivering value and relevance with every interaction. Grexen offers marketers and developers a rich set of capabilities for ensuring that consumers engage with, rather than avoid, beacon-triggered mobile experiences.

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Industry Standard

Our enterprise-class beacons, powered by Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy), support a number of industry-standard broadcast protocols, including Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone and more. Automated provisioning and configuration tools allow you to launch a large-scale beacon network in a fraction of the time.

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Proximity Based Targeting

Leverage the power of iBeacon technology to trigger delivery of mobile content to consumers at precise indoor locations. More accurate than GPS-based mobile advertising, more targeted than indoor wi-fi marketing, and more engaging than traditional in-store marketing techniques.

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Reporting and Insight

Easily access, view, or integrate real-time beacon event data using our advanced API’s and data extraction tools. It’s YOUR data and you should have complete control over who can see it and how it is used.

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Beacon Security and Privacy

An in store kiosk or handheld solution to provide secure feedback collection and surveys so you can respond while the customer is in the store.

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