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Grexen experience is delivered as an App pre installed on either a tablet or kiosk for realtime feedback collection in your stores.

You want to know what customers are saying about your brand. You also want a way to turn their feedback into insights that improve customer satisfaction. With so many types of customer experience programs, choosing a solution can be a challenge. Our cloud based service was built for customer experience management (CXM), and includes all major program options and methodologies.

Voice of customer

Capture realtime in store customer feedback and turn it into operational insights that can help your team improve your customer experience. Our Turn-Key in store and online customer feedback and survey App lets you engage your customer before they have even left.

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Net promoter score

Find out how likely your customers are to return or recommend you to their friends. React to customer complains real time. Our powerful analytics let you keep track of this and many other key metrics.

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Real-time complaint feedback and notifications

Also known as Case Management, complaint feedback management is designed for service channels, helping to identify, alert and help remedy customer complaints. Issues are routed internally for follow up, while reply templates and a knowledge base improve response efficiency.

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Reporting and insight

We are all about analytics. CXM lets you know where brand loyalty is gained or lost with powerful insight and reporting tools. Explore reports, dashboards and scorecards, and put customer feedback at the centre of your business. Access trends and macro reports at the line of business or division level, or drill right down to the customer or employee level to review individual feedback. No matter what you want to discover, you’ll have real-time knowledge at your fingertips.

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Turnkey cloud based solution for cxm managers

An in store kiosk or hand-held solution to provide secure feedback collection and surveys so you can respond while the customer is in the store.

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