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Do the web directory applications Grexen builds for our clients have lots of features? Of course. Can we show you a list of the features your site will have if you build it with us? No, we can’t do that. When we build web directory applications, we design and build to meet your vision and performance requirements. We put in all the capabilities you need, in the exact arrangement you need them. Here is a partial list of functionality that our web directory application engine does very well.

Store Details (Listings)

Listings contain the information that visitors to a directory are searching for. These content blocks are highly structured to be search engine-friendly, allowing visitors to navigate and sort through them. Listings can display more or less information depending on the subscription level of the listing owner.


Coupons, Offers and Promotions

Grexen provides an easy to use method to create, manage and distribute Coupons, Offers and Promotions to customers. Each Coupon has the same attributes:


Customer Experience Manager

Collect reviews, comments and send email links to the customer to gather insights on the in-store experience. Standard installation includes a star rating system. When incorporated with Grexen CXM it can be extended to include surveys and questionnaires.


Grexen contains a flexible registration process for gathering customer information. The registration system is by default basic contact information, email and phone (optional) but can be extended to collect and track extended information based on the App requirements. The membership email address can be exported and imported into many email broadcast tools manually or via API.

Content Sections and Pages

Any relevant content that about the company can be managed through various additional modules.


Content can be formatted and search engine optimized, to make the app attractive, immersive and self managed by a non-technical person.

Category Manager

The Category Manager provides the overall “shape” of your App, allowing locations to be grouped together, and groups of locations to be divided into smaller groups. A particular item can belong to any number of categories, allowing visitors to quickly sort through a large number of locations to find a small group to browse.

The Category Manager is integral for ensuring the Deals, Offers and Coupons can be distributed regionally and targeted to customer segments.

Search Engine Optimization

Many directories rely heavily on search engines traffic to get new visitors, which means search engine optimization is a priority.

Get Location and Directions

Where a business is located in relation to a user is often a primary search criterion. User locations are determined by user profile, IP address, or smart-phone GPS data.


Locations can be displayed by most mapping applications. Users can show available options on a map relative to their current location, or another location they choose.


Users of Grexen apps have the option to do keyword searches, to find particular words used in descriptions and locations. Searches can be highly customized, so that the directory knows that “TriBeCa” is an area in Manhattan, for instance.

Subscription Levels

A business directory often sells subscriptions to store owners; for example, a free listing can have minimal information and functionality, a basic paid listing more, and a premium listing much more. Companies can also use subscription levels to display information to customers based on their login profile.

Social Network Integration

Grexen has integrated the API’s to many social network platforms. Social networks can provide much richer user experiences, allowing users to share articles and listings and ask for recommendations. With social sign-in, users can also use their social network credentials to establish an account on a directory.

User Profiles

Visitors using Grexen can personalize their browsing experience by setting their preferences, interests, location, and any other information set up by the directory owner/retailer. These preferences can affect search results, banner ads display preferences, and navigation options.


Banner ads can be a major source of revenue for a directory/app. Ads can have flexible sales models and be targeted by location, user profile, browsing history, social media data, and so forth. Grexen comes integrated with Google DFP and AdMob.


Many directories/apps will require an e-commerce component to handle payments for subscriptions, banner ads and content purchases. A custom design allows you to create whatever services you want to offer, while integrating a merchant gateway into your directory allows for payment processing.

Mobile Tracking

Grexen Mobile Apps track many aspects of usage and travel patterns. By default our apps track:


Reports are created to best track and reflect key KPI’s designated by the client.

Analytics and Reporting

Because the Grexen web toolkit allows highly customized development, it is compatible with all web traffic analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. Sites can also be built to track specialized data, such as specific search terms. From these data sources, we can also create specialized reporting, which can be made available to administrators through the web site administration interface.


Grexen API can be extended to link the content from the central Grexen CMS into your website.


Grexen provides for a library of customer created messages that automate responses to the customer for a more engaging experience.